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person-stretching-sun.jpgThe following is a workshop that you can participate in with Roslyn McGrath.  There will be moments of silence in this broadcast, it is part of the workshop.  A couple of weeks ago Roslyn and I taped a show, while 3 women participated in this workshop at Roslyn's office.  What is Soul Body Fusion?  Beats me, but Roslyn offered to show me over the phone a few weeks back, I felt it really helped me reconnect and gave me incredible energy, the kind of energy I'm used to having on a daily basis.  You will also hear responses from the 3 women who were on hand who were kind enough to share their experiences during the workshop.  Roslyn also did an Angel Light Energetic Healing in this show as well.  Plus, as an added bonus I got to talk to the Earth Energies again and ask a few questions.  I like those beings, they seem like nice energies!  Can someone re-align your energy?  Can this make a difference?  I guess only you can answer that.  I can tell you this;  it can't hurt, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Anyone who wants to get energy work done can save 20% off of Roslyn's price if you act by May 20th, 2012.  Roslyn's website:  www.intuitivelearningcreations.com

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