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That's a sign!  Is it?  Are we given signs from time to time?  I think so.  People used to tell me that most things were a sign, maybe, I don't know, how would they know?  Then when you ask them what it meant, they have no clue.  Everybody seems to talk a good game but when it comes right down to actually living it, well that's another story.  Or, here's another one, "Everything happens for a reason."  If I had a buck everytime I heard that, well I'd have a lot of bucks.  Well then, why does it happen?  "Don't know, it just happens and I believe that."  Have you bothered to explore as to why?  Probably not.  And that's all you get if you don't take the next step.

In 2007 I came home from work one summer day and on the railroad tracks was a bald eagle, some 20 feet from my truck, and he was just staring towards my house some 70 yards away.  One, what was I thinking when I bought a house this close to the tracks?  Two, what is a bald eagle doing sitting on the tracks and what's so facinating about my house?  I rolled down my window.  "Hey buddy, how you doing."  Nothing.  I finally made a noise similar to one my mother would make when she was communicating with animals and the eagle turned his head slowly towards me (instead of flying off) and gave me a disparaging glare and then proceeded to turn his glance back towards my house.  Now, is that a sign?  And why didn't he fly off?  In my opinion the eagle was an animal guide that was pointing out a few things in my life, this made more sense when I read from the book Animal Speak.

goodoncouch_2_.jpgMy guest this week has had many signs in his life.  Some have led him to greater awareness and some have led him to more questions.  John St. Augustine is a friend who I've worked with for over 10 years.  He's been on my show before.  John is not afraid to speak his mind, and while some may not like what he has to say, I welcome anyone who wishes to speak from their heart.  John has faced many obstacles in his life, he nearly died twice, he has seen things that most do not see.  John made a choice to start seeking answers and it all started with a trek he took from Rapid River Michigan to Chigago and back, on foot.  Most will not walk his journey, most won't take the time, but we all can, it is always our choice and if we do- we can follow the signs.  John also has a blog you can check out and has a project he's working on with Bill Curtis that may be arriving soon to a television set near you.


On another note, if you're sitting around a fire anytime soon, if you get a chance throw in some tobacco and say a prayer for Bruce the Firekeeper, thank you, I send him my love and light as well.

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