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I was talking with a woman last weekend and she told me about a dragonfly and thought it was a sign from her sister. It got me thinking about talking about signs and maybe getting others to share stories.  Feel free to contact me if you have a story you want to share, you don't have to come on the show unless you want to.  I can just read your story if you want.  I have to believe most of us have had some kind of sign from the other side, or from God, or from angels or guides.



In this show I share some obvious signs I've had in my life, these signs leave no question as to who was behind them.  Many of the signs I get are from birds, but other animals as well, sometimes butterflies, one time I thought I had a sign from a fly.  Sometimes it's an inatimate object.  There is a book that I think is really great at explaining animal signs, it's called Animal Speak.  Have a joyful week!  I posted Ted Andrew's book below.



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