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I met Dan Paul a couple years ago when he was promoting an event that he was involved in that was benefitting others.  The more I got to know Dan the more I saw how he was always doings things to help others.  Dan has been invovled in the school system for over 40 years as a principal, teacher and counselor.  Some people are truly geniune kindred spirits and that's what I felt the first time I met Dan.


Dan has felt the need to write and share his writings with others.  Dan claims that the inspiration is not coming from him but from God.  I've read some of his articles and I'd have to agree.  While Dan and I may not believe exactly the same I think there is one thing we both agree on... love!  Love towards others, love towards all things.  One way to show love is to be of service to others.  If we all could look at each others beliefs without judging maybe we could all come together and find common ground.


Dan is on my show because I believe he walks his walk, he truly cares about others and is a gentle spirit.  He has a message that can benefit others.  I will support anyone who walks with love.


Here is Dan's website:  www.meaningfuldifferences.net


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