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Top right is me leaving the golf course and top left is me arriving in town where the clouds seemed to be spreading out even more.


It was a beautiful June summer day, not a cloud in the sky when I started working that morning.  Normally I'm in the studio but on this morning I was doing my morning radio show on the road, at a local golf course outside of town.  It was the Lady's Symetra Tour, up and coming womens' professional golfers from all over the world were on hand for this event.  Towards the end of the broadcast I noticed 3 jets coming from the east, one was going straight, the other 2 seemed to criss cross.  Shortly after our clear blue sky turned cloudy.  As I drove back towards town those plumes from the jets looked like they expanded outward and became full blown clouds.  How does that happen?  Weird.  About a month prior to that I had a local contracter over and his crew was putting on a new roof for my house.  We sat down in the kitchen and he said to me, "You know what those trails are that the jets are leaving?"  I told him I thought it was chemtrails.  "Nope, they're seeding the sky and the clouds, they want to make it rain."  I can tell you this, we have gotten a lot of rain this year.  We just got through getting pounded for 3 days by heavy rain.  the lake levels and river levels are very high.  I've never seen some of these levels so high. 


Whether or not this is proof of something unsual going on is beyond me, but it got me thinking.  Short show this week. 


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