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roslyn1.jpg My first encounter with channenling came from a book called Messages From Micheal.  I went to my first channeling session in the early 90s.  I was told that channels can receive messages a couple of different ways.  One, from a spirit speaking through the person or automatic writing.  At first it was a bit freaky to think that someone elses energy could work through us.  How can that be?  Is this a natural thing?  Could we all do this?  Is there wisdom that lies in other realms?  Is there any danger in trying to do this? 

My experiences with channeling were usually with a group, my guest this week mostly does it on an individual basis.  Roslyn Elana McGrath grew up in the New York area and moved to Marquette Michigan a while back.  She will assist you in finding more clarity, peace, joy, trust, balance, self-love and compassion.  She also talks about a shift that is currently underway which is in regard to the 2012 prophecies.  Many are talking about this, many are feeling that something is changing, are you?  Perhaps there are many here at this time who are trying to help us ease through this time of change.  Perhaps they are drawing from greater wisdom.  Possible?

Roslyn also does these incredible symbolic drawings for her clients that show them things they may not be aware of.  You can find out all about her at: www.intuitivelearningcreations.com

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