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 A few weeks back I talked about what I've heard over the years regarding a hollow Earth.  I looked around on the net and found Rodney Cluff from Sun City Arizona who was willing to talk about the topic.  Rodney has been following this topic for quite some time regarding past stories, books and references in the Bible.  In 1947 Admiral Byrd was to believed to have passed over the hollow earth opening and escorted to land.  So how can the earth be hollow?  How could there possibly be a central sun inside?  What type of beings exist inside the earth?  Is there a picture (below left) from space that shows the actual opening?  Do ufos come up from this place at different openings to check on us from time to time?  Were people like Olaf Johnson speaking the truth?  I don't know for sure what to think of this but I do keep an open mind. 

HOLLOWEARTHIMAGE4.jpg Rodney's website:  www.ourhollowearth.com

Is there a hollow earth?  I have no idea.  I do know that there has been a lot of ufo activity at what some may consider openings.  I also know, since living here in upper Michigan, that many witnesses have seen ufo's dive in and out of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.  It is connected?  I don't know.

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