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DRCASSINGRAMPICTURE.jpgLet me make this disclaimer:  The opinions made by my guest this week do not necessarily reflect those of the host.  With that being said I welcome back the ever so outspoken Dr. Cass Ingram.  In the past we've talked about natural health, especially a product I believe that works, Oil Of Oregenol.  Dr. Ingram has written many books and  his latest one is called Rigged.  The good doctor claims that many of our elections have been rigged, and this is very apparent in the current race for the G.O.P.   Dr. Ingram claims to have evidence that our election process has been tainted for over a century.  He claims to know who is behind this and why.  Some of what he says makes sense, some I have heard before, and some I am not sure about. 

RONPAUL.jpgI have noticed a lot of people have jumped on Ron Paul's bandwagon, I too like much of what he has to say.  He wants to call the Fed on the carpet, why not?  Is it possible that he actually has been winning many of the primaries and we have been getting lied to?  Have we been duped?  As you know, I don't go down this road too often because, how do you prove it?  This ties into the William Cooper show I did a few weeks ago, I heard this stuff over 25 years ago and more of it is coming out now.  Is it true?  If so, can we make a change?  Some point to JFK as trying to make a change, look what happened to him.  What's the first thing I can do to change?  Keep an open mind . . . or not!  It is your path and I am not here to change it.


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