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Last week we talked about a couple of strange things from Rick Sonier's past and he decided to come back this week and share more stories.  I actually Googled Bloody Run Creek and there was a battle that took place in 1763 involving Chief Pontiac and the Brittish near fort Detroit.  I don't think this is the same Bloody Run Creek though, because Rick's experience ricktracks.jpgwas just south of Cadillac Michigan which is quite a ways north of Detroit.  In this show we cover the home that Rick used to live in as a young child.  They called it the Vanderbilt house and it had it's share of strange events, almost on a regular basis.  Now, I don't know about you, but I've had my share of ghostly events but usually they're spaced out over time, I couldn't imagine living in a home where that happened all the time, could you?


So much better than we can imagine.  One of the first men I worked for was a man by the name of Herman Berg.  I worked in his nursery.  He drove and old, really old truck.  Something from the 40's I'm guessing.  He just plodded along and never stopped working, even when I knew him he was in his 70s and had a hip replacement.  There was a time when that was what people did, they didn't have a lot of free time and they just worked until they no longer could.  Rick tells a story within a story of how his family was summoned to visit their grandfather on his farm and the family barely had enough money to get there and back.  The grandfather was on his last days and some believe there may have been foul play involved.  There are a couple of paranormal incidents in this story, one was a prophecy involving his grandfather.  The other was a small miracle.

ricklake3.jpgGreat beauty.  I think we can find it anywhere we look, even in a desert.  What is unique about Upper Michigan is the abundance and variety.  We have a slice of remoteness but we are not too far removed from civilization.  Some of us are spiritual people who are more connected to nature.  Rick believes that by moving up here from Detroits inner jungle it saved him and helped him become who he is now.  His disc North Country is a reflection of the kind of spirit that exists here today, even though some of it may have disappeared, I still see it in many faces.

Also, as I've stated before, the U.P. is a paranormal wonderland with all of the different varieties of stories that have been reported over the years.  Is this a special place?  Or does this happen everywhere and I just don't know it?  Does it have something to do with our location on the planet?  If you are interested in ordering Rick's cd you can send him an email at:  sonier@jamadots.com

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