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What makes each of us believe in the things that others may not believe in?  I find with many of my guests that it is an experience that changed their life, many would say that it was part of a greater plan, maybe even destiny.  My guest this week is Rich Meyer who at one time didn't believe that Bigfoot existed.  Growing up Rich spent a lot of his time hunting in the deep woods with his father, they were very close.  It was only after his father passed that Rich discovered the reason his father loved going into the deep woods, in part, it was to search for the legendary creature called Bigfoot.  Rich caught his father's passion and began his own search and formed the Upper Peninsula Bigfoot Sasquatch Research Organization.  Remember the Patterson film from 1967?  Rich got to meet one of the two men that were involved in that incident and shares that experience.  He also shares what he's learned by investigating eye witness reports, surpisingly there have been many reports that the public just doesn't hear about.  While it seems more are accepting the possibiliy of their existence, there are still many doubters and naysayers.  Witnesses are just afraid to come forward for many reasons.  In the end I think we are finding less and less resistence and fewer people making fun of these kinds of things, the world and people's attitudes are changing.  The truth is coming out and as I always say, it is part of this great change we're going through that will allow all truths to come forward. 


I've always been a believer, I don't know why, maybe I'm just gullible, but I've always kept an open mind to all possibilities.  I heard years ago that Sasquatch can pick up our thoughts, animals can, we can as well.  This is one way I believe they can avoid us.  Why is there never any evidence?  I think back to a story Linda Godfrey told me about  her investigation involving the Dogman/Manwolf, they had just recorded something on video and locked the video in their van to do more investigating.  It was late at night and when they eventually returned to the vehicle the evidence was gone.  Now who do you think took that?  And why did they do that?  Perhaps if we found all of the hidden truths it would crumble the established concepts and beliefs...and that might actually set us free. 


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