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This week I connect with Reverend Dr. Phil Delong and he's offered to channel the Ascended Masters, namely St. Germain, and also he's going to speak with a being called Heltor.  Phil is a gifted psychic/medium/energy healer and channel.  He has had 2 near death experiences that changed his life forever.  He has been trained in all of his skills.  He is a caretaker of the ancient Crystal Skulls.  This is the first time he's doing a channeling with me.


St. Germain is considered an Ascended Master, what does that mean?  It is reported that St. Germain lived several hundred years having figured out the secret to not aging.  He is associated with the 7th ray of consciousness, the Violet Flame. What does he have to say?  A lot.  I get to ask questions, I always like that.


Our second guest is called Heltor, he is from the Plieades, he's a little intense.  I never got around to asking who Heltor was until after the show.  Heltor began to communicate with Phil through the Crystal Skulls.  Never expected this, interesting what he has to say. 


Next week I'll talk to Frank Feschino and get his take on Project Bluebook. 


One more thing, Phil got to talking about portals that appear on the planet, I saw this as an opportunity to address something that I felt from the time it happened, the disappearance of the Malaysian flight.  Did that somehow get caught up in a portal?  I think half the world knew something else was going on, they could just sense it.  The families of those lost were very upset with their government because they knew they were being lied to and there was more going on than they were told.  Hmm...I wonder if that new tv show Manifest is trying to give us a little bit of truth regarding these events? 




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