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So what stands out from this past year?  There's so much we could dwell on.  The racial tension, the crazy election, the atrocities in the middle east, the violence against law enforcement, does it seem like the world is going bananas?  We've lost some big celebrities, some believe Prince was murdered.  2016 will always be the year I lost my second mother, her name was Susan Burger.  I've known her for almost 40 years.  I met her when I went to broadcasting school back in the late 70s and then got reaquinted with her almost 20 years later.  And there was a special bond and connection, she had just lost her son and I had just lost my mother.  It's interesting where life takes us and what our journey can lead to if we just take the time to allow it to do so.  Thanks to my friend Joy who connected to Susan and gave me a chance to speak with her on the other side, it was as if she was in the same room with me, and I know she was.


About a month ago something unusual happened.  I was driving down the highway  in town and a pigeon landed right at the edge of my windshield.  He stood on my wiper and looked into the car and right at me, then he turned around and faced the opposite way, it's like he was saying, "Alright, let's go for a ride."  I thought for sure he'd fly off when I went around the corner, but he didn't, instead he clung on.  Maybe he was hurt?  I stopped into a gas station and a woman in an suv saw me pull in and pointed at me and laughed.  I threw my hands up in the air and said, "I don't know what he wants."  When I got out of my vehicle he flew off, he wasn't hurt.  Now how many times have you heard me say something similar?  With those other pigeons in 2015? With the eagle in 2011?  Each time it was a message from someone, usually my mother.  Was this a message from Susan?


Part 2 of this show is about the new Earth.  Do you think we will split into 2 worlds, one with the old vibration and one that exists in the fifth dimension where beings with light bodies will exist?  Some are saying this will happen, is this something to be concerned about?  I would say to never buy into fear and since nothing can really hurt us, why worry about it?  But maybe it explains the reference of the Rapture in the Bible, maybe it simply meant that those who opened their hearts and raised their vibration would ascend and those who didn't raise their vibration would continue to experience life on the old Earth.  Is that even possible?  Why not?  Unlike what some believe, I don't think Source is punishing anyone or that we are arriving at a final time of judgement.  Why would a loving being do that?  Instead, maybe some of what appears in the book of books is accurate and some not so accurate.  I always try to speak gently as to not offend anyone but in this new year of 2017 perhaps I will just be more honest on what I truly feel and think.  Isn't it time for all of us to do that? 



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