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vick_selfridge_gun.jpgIn 1983 I took a radio job in Vicksburgh Mississippi and stayed there for 2 years.  Let me say this, I missed home.  Michigan, to be exact.  A friend of mine kept wanting to show me the Civil War park that exists in Vicksburgh, I had no interest, I'd rather drink beer.

About 5 years ago I started getting a really strong feeling that I lived during the time of the Civil War.  Maybe 2 years ago I started to think that is was somewhere in the south.  Also 5 years ago I started to think that I had lived as a native American but it was somewhere back in the 1700's.  I don't know how I knew but I just knew.  I've pretty much always believed in reincarnation, I don't know why, it just rang true to me. 

A couple of months ago I heard about a woman who lives in Detroit and claims to have this ability since she was a child to pick up on someone's past lives.  Now does this all seem crazy to you?  Maybe it is.  I am only relaying what I feel deep inside without concern what others would think.  I truly don't care, there was a time when I wouldn't have said or done what I'm doing now, I was too afraid and wanted to fit in.  Anyway, I talked to Theresa Grigsby and a few things fell in place, or at least they seemed to.  Have you ever felt you were drawn to a certain time period?  Is there possibly a reason beyond what you think it may be?


The case for reincarnation:  We come back again and again in order to learn.  What do we learn?  To me there is only one answer.  Love.  How many of you believe this body we are in is not our true state?  If not, then what is?  Does this explain why people are so drawn to certain things, like those that reinact civil war battles. 

Charging for service.  My guest charges $30 for a 30 minute reading, she doesn't get rich doing so.  She holds down a regular full time job.  Now some will be quick to point out that that she is a phony, how can you make that judgement so quickly?  There is a really interesting story that I would consider validation from someone I know who has dealt with Theresa, she works right here in our building.   Right or wrong, Theresa strikes me as being passionate in her beliefs.

To contact Theresa:  theresagrigsby@sbcglobal.com

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