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This week I check in one of my two brothers (in spirit) down in Florida, Reverend Dr. Phil Delong.  I've been wondering what he has been thinking about all of this.  I don't want to keep going down the rabbit hole but I think it's good to get his perspective.  Phil is a psychic/medium healer who I've known now for a number of years.  I've consulted him more than once and we both seem to be connected to St. Germain.  Who was St. Germain?  A man that supposedly lived for at least a couple of hundred years, or longer, back in the 16th, 17th and maybe 18th centuries.  He is what they call an Ascended Master and he apparently knew the secret to aging if he lived a few hundred years.  He is associated with French Aristocrats and wealthy people of Europe.  He was always working for the betterment of society.  Phil told me that St. Germain was involved in directing the founding fathers of this nation.  I had an "aha" moment when I remembered watching a show about the founding fathers several months ago.  On one of the shows it said "There was a man who showed up at a meeting who had incredible insight, no one knew who he was, and no one saw him again after he spoke."  This is recorded in our history, was it St. Germain?  St. Germain has lots to say about what is taking place, he tells us what may be coming.  Listen at your own discretion, this is not meant to alarm you, just inform you.  In the end I believe many good things will come out of this, the ride may just be bumpy for a while.  St. Germain offers a prayer that you can use for protection.  This week I welcome an old friend, Reverend Doctor Phil Delong.


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