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 I saw an email a few weeks back and it caught my attention.  The woman's name was Peg Franklin joyoffreedom.jpgand it was mentioning something about a process called THE LIFEFIELD TECHNIQUE.  After checking out the website I discovered that there may be another way that one can help cleanse and discover your true self.  Are there negative energies that surround us and are they hampering us from receiving a greater energy life force?  I think that could be true.  Others have called it the aura, or chi.  Is that possible, or is it just crazy talk?  Some of you will think it is crazy regardless of who is speaking, so be it.  I remember years ago a channel in Marquette did a cleansing of my energy field and I felt really good right after it.  Did I believe her?  Not sure, it could have just been due to the suggestion.  Heck, I wasn't even sure back then if I believed channeling was a hoax or not.  Do I go to these things very often?  No.  Why?  Sometimes people fall in love with the teaching and they want the power that goes with it.  It's ego based and I tend to avoid those kinds of functions.  "You need to listen to me because I have gained just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of enlightenment and I have all of the answers."  Uh....I don't think so, plus we are all on our own journey and that should be respected.  That's what I like about my guest this week, like the channeler I visited years ago, she is very humble, laughs, and  is down to earth.  Even if she is speaking a truth that is beneficial, she's not forcing it on me.  I welcome Peg Franklin from Belmont, Michigan this week. 


Peg's website is:  www.heartradiant.com

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