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Are you experiencing mild headaches at the top of you head?  Are you getting cramps in your left calf?  Are those signs of an awakening?  If what I've been hearing is true most  of us are experiencing an awakening of some sort.  Have you noticed that? 

This weeks guest may have some answers.  Pamela Arwine is the founder of Quantum Healing Energetics and Lemurian Light Healing, Pamela has 15 years experience as a spiritual healer and counselor and instructor of all levels of Usui Reiki, Karuna®Reiki, Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Healing With the Sound of Light, Lemurian Light Healing, Past Life Regressions and Meditation. She brings to this work her extensive training in an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Advanced Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling and Advanced Holistic Healing; Usui Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Karuna® Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Rubenfeld™ Synergy Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and  Gestalt Therapy.

After a profound personal physical healing, she dedicated herself to practicing and teaching these healing art forms. She is sincerely committed to the ideal of healing and advanced spiritual evolution through love, awareness, clearing, education and compassionate action. Although her work is focused around spiritual awareness and enlightenment, she recognizes that physical or emotional distress can keep one stuck in their path. If one has the tools and the support to alleviate these symptoms, their forward spiritual movement can be much more profound, peaceful and joyful.

What I liked Pamela's site are the options for clearing and healing, and many more teaching and choices.                            

 This week I speak with Pamela Arwine from Colorado City Colorado.







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