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Ollie’s story-All Aboard!


ollie2.jpgThis week a remarkable story of love that crosses all boundries involving a mother and and her son.  Let me introduce you to Debi Tibbles who is from a suburb of Chicago.  Her son Ollie was diagnosed with cancer at age 5, he lived for two more years.  Debi describes her son as an old soul, someone so full of love and compassion for others at such an early age.  Someone like that is bound to make an impact on others, which is what Ollie did during his short time on the planet.  If that was all there was this would still be a great story to tell.  However, there is more, much more!  Ollie came back!  He came back with a message for his mother and maybe for us all.  Ollie had a love of trains and Debi follows this remarkable journey that takes her to Union Station and a big surprise.  Even though it has been 6 years since Ollie left, the pain is still there for Debi.  But the comfort from the other side and all of the so called coincidences have helped her realize that Ollie is still around.  This is a story that will really touch your heart, and it's a true story.  I think Debi is still trying to figure out how all of this happened.

Later this fall Debi will have have her book published, it's called All Aboard.  Hopefully she will come back then for an encore performance. 

I am off next week so I'm not sure if I will do a show.  Have a great week otherwise!!!!

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