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Off this week.


Time to do some Christmas shopping, blowing snow, etc.  Yeehaw!  Sorry no podcast this week but if you are looking for some really interesting ghost stories then here a couple of suggestions from earlier shows.

Ghosts In Manistique.  This woman has some pretty unusual things happen to her.  She also sat in on a jury of a well publicized trial and many in the courtroom could feel that the victims spirit was present during the proceedings.

The Ghost And The Skeptic.  This is a heartwarming story about a dead relative who came back to help out her great nephew when he was really sick.  Did she heal him?   Might be worth listening to if you haven't heard the show yet.

This week, although no new show, I am going to talk to a guy who lives not far from me that has seen some incredible unexplainable things.  These things all take time and I am finally able to make contact with him this week.

Also in the near future; a doctor out of New York who believes that the flu shot is not the right way to go during the winter season.  He also has hinted about what he thinks about other drugs and the effect they have on the body.

Next week I hope to talk to an author who wrote and investigated haunted places in Upper Michigan.

Another interview I may have within a few weeks.  Have you heard that children (as we once were) have the ability to see spirits and seem to be more aware?  I may have a guest that will talk about encouraging adults to nurture that ability in their children. 

Have a great week!!  Peace and Joy!


Off this week


I'm off this week, and will have a new show next week.


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