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portal_ch4a.gifHave you heard about this before?  There are a group of people who are serious about taking an expedition to try to find an opening at the north pole to the inner earth.  Now who in their right mind would do that?  Who in their right mind would raise millions of dollars to charter a Russian icebreaker to take them on this journey?  A few years ago I read on the internet about a man who was trying to do this and the trip had to be cancelled because  he developed a brain tumor and died.  Now, another man has picked up the torch and is attempting to achieve this task.  His name is Dr. Brooks Agnew.  Here's a little info on Dr. Agnew: Brooks Agnew is a world-renowned lecturer, veteran documentarian on History, National Geographic, and TruTV programs, and a seven-time Amazon best-selling author.  He co-authored the landmark work The Ark of Millions Years that has been critically acclaimed as the most comprehensive work ever written on the advent of 2012.   His latest book Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel was ranked in Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s top ten in two categories at the same time. He is currently the president and CVO of Vision Motor Cars, manufacturing affordable electric vehicles for the American highway.

Dr. Agnew is one of many, some are scientists, some are historians, some are there to shoot film, the question is, how did so many people come together and why?  Dr. Agnew believes it may be connected to a higher awareness in many, a knowing that something more lies beyond the ice.  I'll have to say, the Doc really surprised me with some of his answers, I kind of expected a scientific approach to all of this but instead I got a mix of science and spirituality, something I have not heard too often from the science community.

Money was raised to pay for this expedition and here's the unique part, anyone can apply to be a part of this expediton, all you would have to do is make you way to the launch point in August of 2013, everything else will be paid for.  Brooks told me that you don't have to be a scientist or the smartest person on the planet, you just have to have your heart in the right place.  What does that mean?  If you intentions are pure and you want to go along to learn then you may have a chance of being onboard.  To apply you can go to their website listed below.


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