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It's crazy here this week at the radio station, so I won't be able to post a new show today.  I'm coming in Sunday, so hopefully then.  My next interview is with Reverend Debby Bergeon.  This will actually be a show for her website dealing with angels and passed spirits.  Debby communicates with angels, arc angels, and spirits who have passed and are trying to contact their loved ones.  Debby will be answering emails and I'll ask her a couple of questions. 

We did a second show that will air within a month or so, it is really out there.  What if you could ask a psychic, or medium any question you wanted?  What if you asked about recent events that we all know about, like "Did O.J. do the murder?"  Or was there more than one gunman in JFK's assasination?  Or Martin Luther King?  Or, what happened to Emelia Erhart?  Or, like some of you may suspect, were there others involved in 911?  Her answers blew my mind, some I kind of figured, others I was suprised about, that show will be coming in November.