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cooper.jpgThose of you who have listened to this show for a while know that this podcast is taken from my experiences and curiousity.  It really started when I was 4 and I woke up several times and the room was vibrating.  In the 1980's there were a couple of influences that really zapped me.  One was reading the book Ramtha, the other was watching  a video in 1988 that was made by William Cooper.  Cooper was a former naval intelligence officer who had become privy to many government secrets, or so he claimed, and was sharing that information with people all over the country.  The video I saw was filmed in Sedona Arizona.  Back then, in the eighties, there really weren't a lot of sources you could turn to to get your paranormal fix.  Now, it's endless, and I really don't know who's telling the truth and who's making it up.  That is why I decided to make my show about personal experiences and not buy into all of the hype that so many other shows do or schedule guests who claim to be experts although they never had a paranormal experience.  It's like the marriage advisor who's been divorced 3 times and still wants us to buy into his b.s. that he knows how to save your marriage.  Really?  I've also been turned off by so called experts because they develope egos and then their word becomes gospel.  It's just crazy, it almost becomes a religion because so many follow certain individuals.  Instead, follow yourself.  Make up your own mind, trust your own heart.

The video I saw back in 1988 covered 3 main topics, New World Order, UFOs and the  government cover up, and the Kennedy assassination.  When I first saw the video I was blown away and I showed it to a few people, over time I let go of it but kept in mind what was said.  It wasn't til about a year ago that I Googled William Cooper only to find out that he had been gunned down in 2001 (some 10 years after this interview) by the police near his home in Arizona.  Now what brought that on?  Did he flip out?  Does that destroy any potential credibility he previously had?  Could his death have been a set up?  I don't know the answer to those questions, I do know that he did honorably serve his country and what drew me to his video was his down to earth approach.   I am convinced that there is disinformation to offset the truth.  Those that have been involved in the UFO investigation field know that "someone" has been spreading disinformation just to discredit those who want to honestly tell their story.  So perhaps William Cooper is right on that note.  I am somewhat convinced that there is a plan to create a one world government, it appears to be playing out right now.  Perhaps Cooper was right again.  As for Kennedy, I haven't a clue but about 15 years ago Bill Curtis did a miniseries on The Men Who Killed Kennedy. 

In the end after the Cooper video and listening to shows like Jeff Rense, I became a paranoid individual.  I even started getting sick.  I learned I could not live that way, I learned I was just going to live through my own experiences because, how do I know who's telling the truth?  I learned that whatever you hold onto the longest becomes the strongest.  So instead of holding onto fear of what may be, I've gone the route of exploring my own spirituality which has given me the peace and realization that all things happen for a reason and that reason ultimately is our spiritual growth, or so I believe.  How about you?

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