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It was one week ago that a soul I knew left this earthly plane, his name was Pete.  Pete will be remembered as a witty, funny friendly guy, but that's not the whole story.  So often we paint a picture of someone's life with a rose colored pastel, that is not always the case.  This is by no way meant it disrespect to Pete, this is just a slightly different look at a divine soul.

Somewhere in junior high Pete came to our school.  It always seems that everyone wanted to check out the new kid, why is that?  Is it the nature of our soul to connect?  Pete was a heavy kid so it didn't take long for kids to make fat jokes, myself included probably.  I always wanted to make a new friend, I just felt this love for others, at times I often stood up for the underdog and then I could be the complete opposite.  I'd cave in due to popular sentiment just so I could fit in.  I am not going to paint a rosy picture of myself or of Pete, just the truth, I think that is always best.  I kind of wish at a funeral someone would say "What can we learn from the deceased person's life?"  If they were a bad person then we'd learn to not follow their footsteps.  If they were a good person, from what I know of Pete he was, then we can take away how someone over came negativity to come out of his shell and spread love to others.  Some of you will go through life thinking you are alone or not part of a group, sometimes I think we are better off alone.  Some of you will think you are too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too ugly, whatever.  Didn't we get these bodies by design?  Isn't there a grander plan for all of it?  For me it was better to not fit in, it made me go my own path and overcome obstacles, I don't think I would anywhere close to where I am today, which by the way is far from perfect. 


Next week a real interesting show about ufo's and maybe sychronicity.  Rob and Trish Magregor will share their research and new book.


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