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Musical Artist Richard Sonier and Tales Of The Strange


sbruegel79.jpgNot far from here on Lake Superior is a town called Munising Michigan.  Again, this is in my own backyard.  Recently through a friend I met a man who has his own story to tell.  It is really interesting.  First, Rick Sonier spent a part of his life performing and traveling.  Eventually he settled down in Munising in a house he spotted as a kid.  It's really remarkable how Rick was drawn to this house.  Why was he drawn to it?  Almost as if by destiny he wound up returning to this house many years later.  On top of that the house has some history.  Some say it is haunted.  Some say that locals used to go there to get readings.  Rick has heard many stories and even witnessed some strange things.

Rick also talks about the days he went hunting with his dad in lower Michigan and wound up in a spot called Blood Creek Run.  That's when something really strange and unexplainable happened.  Rick found out that others witnessed something similar.  What was it?  A strange sound, a really strange sound that lasted some 5 minutes.

Rick has a couple of folk cd's if you're interested.  North Country is a hearty cd about northern life in a rugged area.  Many of his songs were inspired by living in Upper Michigan.  He also has another cd called From The Devil.  Let me say this about Rick, he is a deeper positive soul, so his music is not promoting negative values.  You can contact Rick at:  sonier@jamadots.com

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