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robin.jpgWhen a celebrity dies we often are touched like we've lost a family member.  After Robin Williams passed many were touched, many were talking and we couldn't understand why.  I always think there is so much more to a life than we can even begin to realize, usually those in the public eye have chosen to be there to make a greater impact and bring forth understandings and lessons.  Right after Robin died I kept getting, "He has more to say."  So that's why Joy and I decided to do a show where we channel Robin.  Right after he passed Joy felt his spirit around her.  Many have had dreams where he's shown up.  We also feel a connection to Joan Rivers, she's going to show up in this session.  And there are some surprises, including John Belushi.   Now, I vaguely remember him working with Robin and I assume they were friends, but at the time we did this interview I forgot how they were so connected.  Robin had been partying with John the night he overdosed.  It all made sense, now I understand why John showed up.  And there were a couple of other celebrities to stop by including Lauren Becall and Clark Gable.  Each has something to say.  For me, it was like speaking to each of these divine souls and while we may remember them a certain way, in spirit they all are serving and bringing love.  At our core, we are all the same.  Robin also speaks of wanting to bring awareness to those who take their own lives, to not judge and have compassion.  While not all souls are coming back right after they pass, it appears Robin Williams is making an effort to bring more laughter, love, and light to all of us.  Perhaps you have seen him?  This week's show is a co hosted effort with Joy Melchezidek and also featured on Joy Of Union.  Thanks to sister Joy for sharing her incredible gifts.



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