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My guest this week has written two books, The Secret Of Money and Uncle Sam Cooks The Books.  Andy Gause is a member of American Numismatics Association, in short he studies money.  While Andy may be making an appearance on my show to promote rare coin investments, he also is clearing up some misunderstandings regarding the Federal Reserve.  Who are the Federal Reserve?  What have they been doing that has been creating debt all over the world?  Normally I don't do a show like this but I thought this might be an interesting topic going into an election year.  Who do you support, the guy or gal on the left?  Or the guy on the right?  Again, I would never go down this road because I have no intention of creating division, but my answer is a combination of both.  I like that one candidate on the left who wants to challenge the Federal Reserve and some of our free trade agreements, and I like a couple of things the guy on the right says about unfair trade agreements.  Andy believes high tariffs on incoming goods would create an opportunity for more jobs, jobs which are disappearing because companies are free to leave and hire slave labor in foreign lands and then sell their goods back to the American people.  We had two presidents, one democrat and one republican,  who've  signed two separate trade agreements that have devastated the American worker.

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