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mimufonbillkonkolesky.jpg18y07m7lufpkx.jpgHow do we get started on our path, what makes us interested in certain topics?  This week I speak with the Director of MUFON for the state of Michigan, William Konkolesky.  Bill has had the position for a few years.  In Bill's case he has had many experiences with unidentified craft throughout his life.  One has to wonder if this is not by accident and is almost like a wake up call for some of us to find answers. How many times have you heard me state that on this show?  Probably the majority of my guests have had incidents that have spurred them in a direction that seemed to be part of their life's path.  Do we arrange these wake up calls before we even arrive on the planet?  Um, that's probably another show altogether.

I  had Bill on this week to talk about a couple of incidents that occured in Upper Michigan.  In 1953 the Kinross Incident (to learn more look in my archives for a 3 part interview with Gord Heath), In 1972 the Mackinac Bridge Incident and most recently there is some rumor circulating about an explosion in Alpena Michigan a couple of months ago.  Was it UFO related?  I also asked Bill about some of the earliest sightings in Michigan, some that date back to the 1800's.  I am also curious to see what kind of beings people are interacting with.  Are they the Greys, like the one I saw in 1992?  If you are not familiar with the people of MUFON they take a very scientific approach to investigations and are carefull to acknowledge a sighting, I can only imagine the scutiny they come under.  This week I wecome Mr William Konkolesky to my show.


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