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leftcolumn-bio.pngMichael Wood is a cryptographer and has written many books about Bible, some of his writings could be viewed as contraversial by some.  Some of his findings may shock you but if the Bible true intent has been inaccurate, wouldn't you want to know?  Mike believes the message wasn't about righteousness but more about love and kindness.  He also uncovers other things that Jesus and the apostles were trying to tell us but due to translation much has been lost, some of it deliberately.  He has found what he thinks supports all people regardless of their sexual preference, and he also points that there seems to be no truth in eternal damnation.   These revelations alone have caused others to attack his character, nice job of practicing brotherly love.  "He who has not sinned may cast the first stone." 

I welcome Michael Wood from Miami talking about what crytograpy is and how he decoded and dicifered what he believes to be a hidden truth.


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