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Melissa Middleton- Awakenings


This week I'm going to share an experience I had recently with a healer named Melissa Middleton.  Melissa had her own awakening when she healed herself, this led her to discover different modalities for well being and healing.  Melissa owns a shop that is in downtown Marquette and offers mind-body therapies as well as coaching and instruction. 


About a month ago my good friend Joy Melchezideck invited me to come to a "practice session" for 2 women she was training to do what is called Heart Thread healing energy work in Marquette Michigan.  I agreed to be a test subject because I know a Heart Thread can heal, it's worked for me before.  Prior to going there I was fatigued, worn out, I had some mild tension in my shoulders and a some soreness in my hands which I knew was the start of carpel tunnel. 


The session itself was gentle and peaceful, I felt really good afterwards.  The results were amazing.  I've regained my energy, my soreness is gone in my shoulders, and now the soreness in my wrists and hands has faded a bit. 


I believe Melissa has the ability to help us heal ourselves.  I would recommend her.  You can contact her at awakenings@live.com.  Her business is located at 118 West Washington Street, Suite 2C, Marquette, Michigan.

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