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Frank Feschino and Rev. Dr. Phil Delong join me on the first of a two part show.  Phil and Frank live within minutes of each other near Daytona Beach Florida.  Frank has spent over 20 years researching an incident called The Flatwoods Monster that took place in West Virginia in 1952.  This is the most thoroughly researched ufo incident ever.  Frank has been on my show more than a few times.



Phil Delong is an medium/psychic/healer and has a very impressive resume regarding the metaphysical.  He has been on this program more than once.


We thought it might be fun to take a few topics and see what Phil might pick up intuitively, questions we all may ask a psychic if we had a chance.  What was the real purpose behind the ufo visitations in the Flatwoods Monster case?  Is Frank getting visited by his father?  Was there a cover up in the Barbara Mayo murder of 1970?  What happened to Ameila Earhart?  What happened to Moncla and Wilson during the Kinross Incident?  What is going on with the Missing 411?  What is going on in the Bermuda Triangle? 


Those are just a few of the topics we cover in the next two shows and maybe you'll be in for a surprise like I was.  I have to admit I know very little about the Barbara Mayo case, other than it appeared to be an attack by a mass murderer.  Was it?  Were the police covering it up?  And if they were, why would they covering it up?  I was surprised to think that this story could go much deeper than what most of us would think.  It made me realize why there is such an outrage over certain events because I think people just know that they are being lied to, we can all sense it, can't we? 


Frank and I speculated what we thought all of those alien crafts were up to in 1952 when they appeared over the eastern seaboard.  Many seemed to be of different origin, as if more than one race was coming here.  Phil will share what he gets from spirit and it will be just the beginning of many topics we cover. 

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