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Just this week I had a big "aha" moment with someone from my past.  It was a person who I did not like, he was somewhat of a bully towards me and many others way back when I was in elemenatary school all the way up through high school.  Was he treating me this way by design, was it part of our agreement before we came here?  Or, did I draw it in with my fears? 


Some of us think we're such enlightened souls and yet there are things burried so deep that we've forgotten and they need to be healed and let go.  I always say love is the answer, well honestly there wasn't a lot of love between me and this former classmate.  Most of us have tormenters in our life, don't we?  A recent poll said 71% of kids today believe they've been bullied in some way, mainly a lot of it is cyber bullying.  It's always easier to give someone grief if you don't have to see their face, isn't it?  This show really isn't about bullying but more about making peace and letting go.  This is a personal story I'm not real eager to share but so be it.  Maybe it will help someone else. 

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