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30172.jpgOn Sunday I was between a rock and a hard place.  I had been having difficulty lining up guests.  So I asked the universe if I should continue to do this, was it beneficial?  I thought I could at least cut back and not do shows every week.  Like many of you I work a fulltime job that consumes roughly 50 hours per week of my time.  Like many of you my workload has increased. When I do a show it probably takes 3 hours including research, recording, editing, uploading, and publishing.  I don't mind the extra work, this is my passion.  So enough complaining already, okay?  But as I came into this week I was a bit frustrated...

Monday, out of nowhere, I got an email from an old friend who requested to be on my show.  Her name is Dr. Beth, she was a guest once before but we hadn't talked in many moons. Is this an answer from the universe or is it a coincidence? On Tuesday I got an email from another friend, still a coincidence? Hmm.........

Talk about doing a 180.  The last few shows have been about ufos and abductions and now this is something totally different, how are they connected?  Dr Beth is an ordained minister who hails from the Phillipines, yet she had a home not far from me in Garden Michigan.  In our previous interview I learned Dr Beth's life changed after she suffered a stroke.  She went on an inward journey where she claims that God provided her with answers.  Her illness had very little to do with the physical reality, it had to do with her spiritual journey.  If you want to hear joy, true joy, then listen to what Dr Beth has to say.  Can it change your world?  I absolutely think so.  She reminds us that if we focus on the negative what will we get?  More of the same.  We have to let it go and focus on what we really want out of life with a joy filled attitude.  Is it that simple?  Someone once said to me:  Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest.  I agree, it is so easy to fall into the negative viewpoint because we live (in my opinion) in a world that has been controlled by negative forces, yet the darkness is beginning to be penetrated by more and more light.  How do we deal with the chaos?  How do we make things better?  Do you see why Dr Beth is my guest this week?

For more on this wise being go to:  www.drbethhealing.com

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