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Recently the CBS morning news had Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner on tv, each is close to 90 years of age or older.  It made me think, Bob Hope lived to a ripe old age, George Burns lived even longer, what did they all have in common.  Now this show really isn't about living longer, but more towards living healthier.  You've probably heard me talk about natural health products, there are so many.  Ultimately, I think our attitude towards life probably means more than anything.  Maybe my whole point of this show is that when we live connected to Source, God, we are healthier and when we break away from that we can get a dis-ease.  All of these men believe in laughter, not taking themselves too seriously, having a purpose and loving what they are doing.  Some felt it was important to have someone you that truly loved you by your side.


Also, Allison Farley joins me on my show, she just walked in while I was recording this and I wanted to get her take on a few different subjects, including The Secret, which she seemed to enjoy.


Can we listen to certain types of music that can heal our cells?  Reseach has shown that certain types of classical music can affect our health and productivity.  Were people like Mozart or Beethoven tapping into a higher vibrational form of music?  Some that have had near death experiences have described hearing music similar to classical.  Below is a link that archangel Metatron suggests can help heal, a version of Ode To Joy



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