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lindagodfrey.jpgThis show focuses on some detailed stories involving the man/bat and the man/wolf.  One of man/wolf stories takes place in lower Michigan and is a bit chilling, so again, listen with caution.  The man/bat story took place a few years back near Lacrosse Wisconsin.  That story is very creepy, so beware!  Plus I share 3 stories that I have never told before.  They were told to me by my friend, and they all involve what I term a demon dog.  Sound pretty scary?  Then skip this episode. 

What are these things, where do they come from?  One thing to remember, no one was hurt in any of these incidents.  They easily could have been hurt or even worse by these creatures, so I see that as a good sign.  Think of it this way, if these things do exist, are they aware of us?  If the answer is yes, then is there a greater plan at work that can truly protect us from these strange creatures?  Weren't they also created by a higher power and therefore have a reason for being?  Are some of them just trying to scare us, or are they just reacting to our fears

Below is a drawing of the man/bat as seen by 2 men in Wisconsin.   www.weirdmichigan.com to report any strange sightings.


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