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Feeling overwhelmed yet?  Afraid?  Hopefully you are in a good place.  I am and it was a simple procedure of remembering to do deep breaths as much as possible.   Over the weekend I had to cut down my favorite old apple tree, sad to see it go but it toppled over during the winter.  I spent at least 5 hours working on it Sunday expecting my body to be sore.  So I focused on taking deep breaths and the pain was very minimal and on top of that it really lifted my spirits.  I'm feeling really energized. 


I had a couple of interesting conversations this week, one involving vaccines with a person who will remain anonymous, but it confirms what has been discussed on this show before.  Secondly, has anyone been seeing ufo's lately?  A good friend of mine has been sharing with me that he's been seeing them almost nightly,  he says they've actually responded when he shined a light on them.  Interesting.  Is it connected to all of this?  Could be.   Maybe he'll come on when he has some time.  Joy!

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