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akashikrecords.jpgEverything I've ever done in this lifetime has been recorded, so even those bad things that I thought I got away with, it's all been recorded.  Rats!  Someday I will see it again, and I will feel the effect I had on others.  It is all kept in the Akashic Records.  Makes me want to think twice before I trample on someone else, doesn't it?  It is also said that all of our previous times are contained in the Akashic Records, every life we've ever lived, those that we've encountered.  Why?  So we can recall and learn.  What's the purpose of that?  We are here to learn, to experience and to remember, that is why we come here.  So much  has been forgotten on this journey, now is a time of waking up.  This week Joy Regina Melchezidek uses her abilities to not only take a peek at the Akashic Records but we also get a visit from some pretty well known individuals who have crossed over.  I had a thought the other day about Abraham Lincoln, so did Joy.  Guess who showed up?  Did his assasination go down like it was recorded in history?  Not exactly if you're to believe John Wilkes Booth, oh by the way he showed up too.  I heard something a while back that made me think that John Wilkes Booth got away, I always find it funny how after an asassination of a well known person they seem to catch the culprit right away.   How can that be, it doesn't work that way in real life, does it?  I've always admired Mr. Lincoln for his courage to step up and be a leader when he was needed most, very few president's have had the guts to do so.  Most prior to honest Abe were afraid to touch the issue of North and South.  So was it a conspiracy that took down the 16th president of the United States?  Perhaps, but more than what we were told.  What about JFK?  So many similarities between the two asassination events.  It would be nice to ask him, wouldn't it?  Well, when I work with my soul sister I find anything is possible.  So this show will bring in some very well known leaders whose time was cut short, and there was a reason for that, there always is.  I didn't really expect this. 

Joy brings me back to my last life in the Civil War, I remember fighting, originally I thought for the North, then a friend told me the South, now Joy tells me it was definitely the North.  I do remember vaguely being very upset, angry that I was dying on a field and not going to make it home to my loved ones again.  In the end I hated the war.  Joy also tapped into a time in Atlantis that we both shared, I was a teacher and she was a student.  Interesting.  

Joy brings up time and space travel and I came to realize that I've done that before in my dreams.  You ever have a dream where everyone knows you but you don't know a single person?  Could you be tapping into another part of you that exists in another part of time and space?  Are we multidimensional and experiencing all things at once?  Perhaps much of this is hard to grasp.

Joy's T-Shirts For Peace is up for a grant, congratulations to her on recognition for the changes she continues to make and let's hope she gets the grant.  Good luck Joy, and thank you for all you do in helping so many.


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