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"Are people just making this stuff up?  I have a hard time believing this stuff is real."  That was my response when I first heard about the Manwolf.  Then as time goes on you  hear more and more and you start to think maybe people are seeing something.  Fortunately I was able to connect with Linda Godfrey and my opinion changed.  I've learned that some of the most open minded people seem to have moments of skepticism, it is not a bad thing but at the same time when you finally take the time to speak to someone who's researched a subject, listen with an open mind.  Many of us just don't take the time to find out more, do we?


Maybe 10 years ago I was returning back to my father in law's cabin with my father in law Bob and we were riding on a dirt road and I glanced down a two rut road that intersected our road and saw the biggest bird I've ever seen in my life, the wingspan of this bird covered the entire road.  It was just getting dark and of course I didn't ask to stop the truck so I could see what the heck that bird was.  A giant owl?  An incredibly huge eagle?  Around that time I had heard of the Thunderbirds, not the car, or the jets, but these enormously large birds that many had witnessed.  Over time you forget about such things, even though I felt there probably was some truth in the many eye witness reports.  A few weeks ago I saw an article talking about Pterodactyls being seen in North Carolina.  Then I read some articles posted by Jonathan Whitcomb, a researcher from Utah.  I contacted Jonathan and he was willing to come on my show and discuss the many sightings he's investigated and his own research.  I've attached a picture at the top of this page that appears to show a group of Civil War era soldiers standing over a Ropen, or Pterodactyl.  Is it real?  I definitely think it could be.  Are there prehistoric birds still flying around?  I think they certainly could be.  Does Nessie exist in Loch ness?  Or Champ in Lake Champlain?  I think they do.  This week I am joined by Jonathan Whitcomb who has been researching Pterosaurs for almost 15 years.  If you have an unsusual sighting please contact John at the website below.





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