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A few weeks ago John Of God was arrested in Brazil.  I was a bit surprised at the time.  I read a few articles, some claimed that he never healed anyone and it was all a sham.  I feel that is not true since I've spoken to 3 people who've benefited from him.  Are they out to get him?  Perhaps.  I don't know.  Is he guilty of the crimes he's accused of?  Perhaps, I don't know.  This is not meant to slight those who may have been victims, hopefully the truth comes out.  Sometimes when the truth comes out it's a manufactured truth as we've seen time and again.  If anything, maybe it teaches us not to judge, even after the trial.  What if they got it wrong?  Who has the answers?  The Akashic Records have the answers.  Our higher self.  I feel there will come a day when our system of jury trials will one day be seen as being obsolete.  As we witness more and more of us becoming aware, there will come a time when just know a person's innocence or guilt.  Even then, when someone commits a crime we'll have a more compassionate system that tries to rehabilitate as opposed to punishing for the sake of retribution.  What is gained by that?  It will be part of our continued evolution of becoming more compassionate loving beings.  Some maybe don't want to change and they need to be kept away from the general public.  Maybe there are karmic reasons for many of our crimes.


Is John Of God guilty or innocent?  I have no idea and I still may not even after the trial is done.  Also, I would say there are many who have done good things but they walked between 2 worlds, one of light and one of darkness.  We put people on a pedestal and perhaps we should never do that, often they will just let us down.  Anyone truly walking a path of love will feel no desire for attention and choose to remain humble. 

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