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ghost-dogs.jpgDO GHOST ANIMALS EXIST?  It was right around the beginning of November last year when I went to my door and saw these ghost like creatures on my deck, so I snapped a picture for evidence.  Now I'm sure someone will come along and try to debunk it, right?  What more proof do you need?  I was there, the ghost dogs were there, why are people so closed minded?

When I was a lad we had this pretty amazing cat who lived with us for 17 years, I still think of him today.  Sometimes he seems to come to me in dreams and sometimes, it's as if I feel his presence.  Every so often I'll think of him and be a little sad.  The picture I have of this orange funny-pictures-you-do-not-need-a-cats-for-dummies-book.jpgtabby is very similar to the way ole Teddy Bear looked.  Even the same kind of facial look.  When he was affectionette he was all over you, when he wasn't, he would ignore you.  Teddy Bear and I had some grand adventures and it's like we formed this great friendship.  It was amazing how he came to our family, at just the right time when we had lost our other cat on the highway.  The timing had to be perfect.  We lived near a busy highway and most of our cats didn't live very long, yet Teddy Bear never got taken by the highway.  There was something unique about that cat.

My guest this week is Jill Cornwell from Petosky Michigan who claims to have an ability to communicate with animals.  I talked to her a while back and this time I invited my radio co-host Mindy Wills Davis to come on and ask a few questions of Jill.  At left you will see one of three pets that Mindy has had or chipmunk.jpgpresently has.  Hemy, the Chipmunk, one of Mindy's family members.  Now what would a chipmunk have to say?  Does it have a message for Mindy?  Mindy has a dog named Sassy that passed and she has missed him dearly.  Would Sassy have a message for Mindy from the other side? 

Is there any validity to what Jill is doing?  I absolutely believe there are those who profit from this and have no ability whatsoever.  Jill doesn't do this for a living, she doesn't do it that often, but it's an ability she claims she's developed and only charges $45 for a half hour.  So does that make Jill more credible?  Not by that alone, I can only say that I trust her and I am impressed by what she has to say.  On top of that it really doesn't matter what some one charges, it's whether their heart is into it.  Judge for yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice to communicate with your pets, or with those that have passed?  Is it possible?  Aren't all things connected through thought?  Are animals smarter than we think?  Do they have souls as well?  Do they go on?  Do they reincarnate?

Jill's Email if you want to contact her:  JILLCORNWELL@GMAIL.COM

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