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mm2.jpgIs Marilyn Monroe's ghost haunting a spot in northern Lower Michigan?  Did Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn have a fling, did she get pregnant and go to a clinic to have the baby aborted?  Was that clinic in northern Lower Michigan?  Jen Cupples from Pellston Michigan told me a story, although not something she witnessed first hand, about some people hearing voices at an old building.  The voices were said to be of that of Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  The story goes that Bobby and Marilyn had a fling and she got pregnant and they were searching for a remote place where they could have an abortion.  I don't know if there's any truth to that story but it's fun to ponder. 

If you had to put a label on Jennifer Cupples it would be that she is a Paranormal Researcher.  She investigates but also takes delight in directing people to the right expert, she has created a network of like minded people who all bring something different to the table.  Some have knowledge of Sasquatch, or UFO's or whatever.  There are people out there that take a scientific viewpoint in trying to prove or disprove the paranormal.  What I really like about Jen is that she has had many many things happen to her and she has an interest in all things.  Like myself, she started to look around her when strange things started to happen.


Jen told me a couple of years ago she was canoeing with a group of others in an area in northern Lower Michigan that has had reported bigfoot sightings.  At one point a tree that was sticking out over the lake started shaking violently.  Now what caused that?  Some of Jen's friends who've had contact with this before felt it was a bigfoot marking it's territory or saying hello.  I had never heard that before.  I had heard that some people claim that bigfoot may throw rocks or sticks at you to get your attention, or scare you, or mess with you, or who knows.  Jen also told me a few years ago she saw a white bigfoot in the woods not far from her home.  She had another witness with her at the time.  Do you believe she saw something? 

Other topics this week:  Communal living, The Shift, Spirit Guides, Intuitive Healing, and more.  Jen is a gentle and joyfull spirit, that is why I enjoy talking to her.  Jen doesn't profess to have all of the answers but will try to put you in touch with someone who can assist you.  She has many connections, so don't be afraid to contact her if you have something strange happen to you.


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