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jackallisConscious_Life.jpgI welcome back Jack Allis from Wisconsin to talk about the shift this week.  What is the shift?  If this is true, how will it affect me?  What kind of changes will we see?  Jack discusses the change that could be coming. 

What may happen?  I don't think anyone really knows for sure.  I've heard for a number of years now that a change is taking place in the Earth.  The poles are shifting for one.  Magnetic north is going to wind up where magnetic south is, and vice versa.  Will this cause natural disasters?  I think it could.  This is not meant to frighten you, so please do not go any further if it does.   My goal is not to create fear but to offer potential information so that you can follow up if you desire.

It has been foretold by many that we would also be coming into a time of enlightenment.  Is that part of the shift?  I think so.  What does that mean?  I don't know.  I think we will be able to see things more clearer.  What does that mean and why couldn't we see them before?  Perhaps we were lost in our own darkness?   Maybe there is an invisible truth that we only get a glimpse of from time to time?  To me, this explains why there are more reports of paranormal activity and why more people seem to be experiencing psychic abilities.  Things seem to be speeding up.  People are in more chaos.  People are more impatient.  THE VEIL IS LIFTING.  What is awaiting on the other side?  Good question.  Some of us think it may be the truth.....


Jack is well spoken and has done his homework.  Check him out at:  www.jackallis.com

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