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davidtwitchellsbook.jpg When I talk to David Twichell it's like welcoming an old friend home.  If I could do a show just talking to others about their experiences, well that would be fine with me.  I don't feel the need to bring on the experts, because when it comes right down to it, it's just a matter of opinion.  I'd rather talk to someone who went through an ordeal and experienced it first hand.  Almost all of my guests have that in common.  David is no different even though he is the host of a ufo related radio show in Detroit, he has experienced phenomena first hand.  David has remained humble, unlike others who deal with this topic and may have gained some noteriety. 

In the past we've talked a little bit about his family's experience with a close encounter in 1962.  This week David goes into more detail about this incident and how it affected his sister for years after.   It wasn't until a few years ago that she was able to put some of the pieces to the puzzle together.  It has had a dramatic effect on her life.

This past Saturday on NBC's weekend Today Show one of the hosts talked with Travis Walton.  I was really surprised that they would talk about this on network tv, especially since it was an event that took place over 30 years ago.  Normally they just seem to ignore these types of stories, why are they interested now?  Some feel we are getting close to a time of disclosure.  A time when our own government will tell us some of what may be going on.  Really?  Why now? 

We took a couple of twists in this interview and David talked about an abductee who wanted to know why he was being taken.  This abductee was shown that prior to coming here, he made a decision to be allowed to be taken.  I thought that was interesting and it supports what I believe, that nothing happens by accident.  Finally towards the end we get off the topic a bit and talk about a little visit that David and his wife had to a psychic how he was told that he and his wife shared a previous life during the Civil War, in the South.  This led me to speculate if we knew each other and some other humorous possibilities.

This week it's David Twichell from Trenton Michigan.   www.ufoimplications.com

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