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IMG_0172.jpgNew show.  Ingrid Dean joins me again to talk about a few more stories from her book, Spirit Of The Badge.  Part of the conversation is about intuition and chance.  Ingrid tells a story of an officer who loses his badge and is a bit embarrased and has to travel about 100 miles away in a thick wooded area, guess what he finds in an eagles nest?  What are the odds of that happening?  Is it by chance?  

Also, we talk about the connection between animals and people.  Is there more to it than there seems?  Are they just inferior animals, or can they tell us something we don't know.  Are they often used to send us signs?  If so, what do those signs mean? 

The chats we have are fun.  Ingrid has been on many programs in order to promote her book, and has traveled all over the country.  Some people are genuinely interested, others are just trying to make fun of what she has to say.  Now why do others do that?  Do you think a group of cops would risk their reputations to come forward in this book just to get attention?   By the way if you click on Ingrid's website below you can hear her some of her interviews from other programs, including Coast To Coast.








Next week I hope to have a chat about Out Of Body Experiences with a good friend of mine and his niece, both of which were part of the experience.

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