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multidimensions.jpgMany years ago I heard that the past, present, and future were happening at once.  I didn't understand that statement then and I don't understand it now.  How can that work?  I've heard that there are multidimensions that are right next to us that are playing out all kinds of possibilities regarding our lives.  I guess that makes sense.  Some have claimed that they've traveled through time, I guess anything is possible.  I've always thought if you could travel through time wouldn't you affect the outcome of the future?  I don't have any answers to those questions, yet I believe all things are possible.

A few months back I found a site that was promoting some of my shows.  The author of the site is Mark Rainer, who hails from northwest England.  Mark hosts a site that deals with Numerology and Astrology.  That is not what this interview is about, through emails Mark told me of what he felt was a multidimensional experience he had.   A couple of years ago my guest had his first ghost experience, where he was on a ghost hunt and he was the only one in the group to physically see this woman dressed in period clothes.  About a year ago Mark had a really strange experience regarding time travel, or at least seeming to be connecting with other time periods.  Sound strange?  Were they ghosts?  Mark doesn't think so.  It's almost as if he was able to enter end even communicate with others in different time periods.  Is it all connected?  Again, it seems like as more awareness comes to the planet we are finding more people tapping into unusual experiences.  Mark has only been experiencing these things for a couple of years so it's still a mystery to him.

Mark's website:  www.willowtreepublications.com

This was my first show using Skype.

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