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I was on vacation last week, mostly hung around home and worked on PIC-0110.jpgthings.  I had a whole bunch of fun patching my long driveway.  Trying to seal cracks is a real blast.  Over the weekend we went to our in laws cabin on Camp 7 lake.  Went fishing on Sunday on Lake Michigan, near Garden, and caught a nice bass.  Didn't keep it though, threw it back in.  It was fun though just sitting there with my father in law on a nice calm day on the water. 

A few things I'm working on.  You ever hear of free energy?  What exactly is that?  Well, believe it or not, there is a company in Upper Michigan that may have a revolutionary idea.  Maybe we'll have them on soon.  Also I plan on checking in with my good friend Jen Cupples, haven't talked to her in a long time.  Jen has her hand on many unusual events that are happening around Michigan this summer.  Are they paranormal?  Some perhaps.  I have another person who I am trying to contact who does Trancendental Meditation.  Haven't heard back from John Tenny, so I'm not sure if he's interested in being on the show.  Also, soon I hope to talk to another former Brittish woman who has had some spirit activity since her mother passed.  Are Europeans (or former Europeans) more open to these things?  If so, why?  Originally that was going to be the show for today.  Maybe next week.

So this week you get a real treat.  I am running a show that was recorded a while back as a rebroadcast.  If you haven't heard my interviews with Linda Godfrey, well your missing out, that is if you are into creepyness.  Really strange stuff.  For quite a while now Linda has been researching stories involving the manwolf.  Now what is that?  A werewolf?  Maybe that's where the legend comes from.  I can tell you this, it's not like anything most have heard of before.  Linda has been on Monsterquest, Coast to Coast and a host of other shows.  I hope to have her on in July when she finishes her new book.


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