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kathiedice.jpgComing full circle.  20 years ago Kathie Dice worked with me with aspirations of becomimg of a comedian, and carrying a heavy heart.  Fast foward to today and she has accomplished her dream and healed her heart.  Often we would have heart to heart talks and I would share my views about life and the other side.  I don't remember but I think some of it was probably taken from Ramtha, which I was into the time.  Kathie has always enjoyed humor, she now uses it as a comedian but also to tell her story.  Her story is about her son Brandon, he died several years ago at the age of only 2.  He was born with problems right from the start and it didn't get better.  Kathie was in a state of depression for many years until one day when she talked to a psychic and Brandon connected with her from the other side.  We all face loss, this story will inspire you and maybe even give you hope about those that pass...because sometimes they come back to assist us in our lives! 

Kathie's goal is to bring a little humor to those who have had tragedy, because she's lived it.  She is a gentle, funny, compassionate being who has found her path to help others, she will be back when her book comes out.  This week I welcome an old friend. 

You can check out her site:  www.kathiedice.com

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