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Last night I watched the debut of the History Channel's "Project Bluebook."  The show comes on every Tuesday at 10pm, so I recorded it and found time to watch it yesterday.  There's no question that this is amped up for television, lots of side twists and plots, probably quite altered from the real investigations.  With that said, there are a couple of things that caught my interest.  The main character is Dr. Allen Hynek, a civilian who is hired by the Air Force to investigate ufo sightings.  In real life Hynek was skeptical, a non believer, until he came across some cases that changed his perspective.  This happened to more than one investigator who was a non believer and then changed his mind after sifting through many remarkable stories that couldn't be explained.  Major Donald Keyhoe was another investigator around that time period who went from non believer to believer and knew there was a cover up.  My connection to J. Allen Hynek is that one of my co-workers actually met him years ago back when he was a kid.  My co-worker's family sold worms and Hynek was in Upper Michigan fishing in the late 60's or early 70's and bought worms from them.  Weird coincidence?  What's also weird is that my co-worker has shared some ufo stories with me that he and his family have witnessed.  His father witnessed ufo's over the local airport.  I won't mention my co-worker's name, he wishes to remain anonymous.  He had his own strange ufo experience in the early 80's when he was traveling from Escanaba to Munising, roughly 60 miles distance, this is a really interesting story.


The next show on Project Bluebook is going to be about the Flatwoods Monster mystery this coming Tuesday.  I've already talked with Frank Feschino and he'll be coming on after the show airs to see how close they are to the truth.  Frank is an expert on The Flatwoods Monster mystery, he's spent over 20 years investigating and spoke to almost all of the witnesses, many have passed since that time.   My take on the first show is that they try a little too hard to be like the X Files, but we'll see.  I'd rather see a factual show, still I realize they want to make it entertaining.  Where did they get their facts?  Some files were released regarding Project Bluebook, but many of those were old Xerox copies that probably aren't very clear.  My guess is that for the Flatwoods Monster story they looked at Frank's research although he was never contacted by the History Channel or credited for the information.  The last time the History Channel was involved with Frank was regarding Monster Quest, they totally butchered the story even though they were given total access to all of the information.  Frank told me he spent many hours with them and then was disappointed by the finished product.  Perhaps the History Channel has changed their attitude since then.  I was surprised they carried a show called Vanished, hosted by David Paulides.  David is known for his Missing 411 investigations.  I think Ancient Aliens has paved the way for the History Channel, and other channels, to be more truthful. 


Many years ago I heard from more than one source that the government was trying to tell us the truth, they put out shows and movies that hinted about the truth.  One train of thought suggests they are doing this because it's just a matter of time before we find out and they wanted to break it to us gently and get adjusted to what could be mind blowing for some.  Another thought, which I feel is closer to the truth, is that they've been told by "other beings" that they must let the public know.  They've been lying to us about this and many other things and we are close to the time when there will be full disclosure about ufo's and many other topics.  Why?  From what I can tell, we are about to be freed from those who've controlled us and lied to us.  Again, this all ties into what I've talked about many times that there was an agreement to allow certain beings to have their way, to do as they wish, create duality and enslave mankind for thousands of years.  Their time has come to an end, and even though they don't want to let go, they have no choice, it's just a matter of time before the light takes back the planet.



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