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sarahjpeg.jpgThis week Sarah Wiggens joins me to talk about a group she works with who originally trained at Berkley California's Psychic Institute.  Sarah's ability often has to do with looking into someone's past life to find answers for issues they may be dealing with today.  She will demonstrate that on this show by looking at my previous times.  From what I know of those times she's pretty spot on.  Our show this week covers a range of topics, I find all light workers seem to have a similar understanding of the cosmos.  Why is that?  There isn't a metaphysical school that we all went to.  No one came to my house with brochures.  In my case I just picked it up over the years from different teachings, there just seems to be a universal truth, which by the way is very similar to many ancient indigenous truths.  How can that be?  It is just a knowing, teachings that have been around for millennia but have been lost for one reason or another.

I really believe our health is mostly affected by our thoughts mainly from this lifetime, but I also know that we could be carrying some baggage from another lifetime.  Sarah can help you find out about your past and also help you release any trauma you may be carrying from another time.  Send her an email if you're interested in finding out more:  lightwork.intuition@gmail.com

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