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INNERAWARE1images.jpg What if we were designed to never get sick?  Think about that.  Wouldn't that make some sense?  It does to me.  What if illness is merely our disharmony with ourselves.  Medical science tells us differently.  How many diseases has medical science cured?  How many people do you know that have beaten a disease and then redeveloped the same disease only a fews year later.  Now why is that?  Doesn't that seem to hint that perhaps it is something deeper and emotional?  A friend who passed recently once told me that cancer was 90% mental and emotional.   Did you ever wonder that if they put you through some tests when you were really stressed they might find a serious disease?  But, what if they tested you a couple of months later and they found nothing because your body had already healed itself from this so called disease.  I heard somewhere that the average person gets cancer at least 7 times in their lifetime, the first 6 times the body takes care of it on it's own.  Imagine that. 

Georgie Holbrook has helped me more than once and has helped many others in healing as well.  First she had to start with herself, she conquered that but it took many years to overcome.  She has a unique understanding of how the body works and if we just take the time to listen with an open mind... well who knows!  Like many of my guests, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Georgie, she is open to many things.  Perhaps on a future show we will discuss some of those topics.

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