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One thing all belief systems have in common is faith.  I've noticed that those who don't have it tend to struggle.  Last week a man came to the radio station and wanted to deliver a message.  People here were a little freaked out, no one wanted to take the time to speak with this man.  What usually happens, they come ask me.  What do I always say?  Yes.  It took me a long time to realize it's part of a test and there is always an opportunity to grow, and to help others.  So I listened to Joe Homernik's story, and let me tell you... what a great gift it was to hear what he had to say.  In the end I gave him a hug and told him to come back again.  He just wanted someone to listen to what he had to say.  And what a message he has, falling to great depths and rising again, through his faith.  I thought of my friend John, who's had his own struggles and I remember a song that is dear to both of us, Sweet Surrender.  Sometimes we need to surrender and just have faith, regardless of our beliefs.  Thanks Joe for letting me be a part of your incredible story.  Thank you God, source, creator, I am grateful for my many experiences.

I wanted to interview Cathy Bolton this week to promote her show in Rapid River this Saturday, but I'm guessing the universe had other ideas.  Cathy's show is at 7 in Rapid River Michigan if you want to come, $10 a ticket, right next to Hillcrest Motel.

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