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My co-worker Mindy Wills has been on the show more than once.  More recently many strange things have been happening at her house.  She and her fiance Chad are ghosthunters so it is not totally unusual, but it still creeps you out when it's your own home.  Mindy has gotten to know Debbie Bergeon and has felt good about what she has had to say.  So I suggested why not have Debbie come over and see if she can pick up on anything.  Mindy's cat really noticed something as well.  It seems animals can see things clearly, just like little children.  So the following is an actual recording of what we did yesterday.  Was it creepy?  No.  Was I expecting it to be?  No.  Are there spirits in Mindy's house?  Yes, but not what we think. 


Thanks to Debbie Bergeon for her ability, insight, and wisdom.  You can go to her site at:


Something a bit bizarre appeared to have happened and it wasn't until after we left....

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